Curated one-to-one focused training session
with team members.

Lynn conducts once a month exclusive, focuced training session to give undivided individual attention to agents in guiding and directing them.

Holistic approach to agent’s well-being through After-Action Review System.

The After-Action Review is a critical phase of effective training & approach in making sure of the agent’s well-being.
Lynn motivates and empowers her agents through care, concern and giving the right advice that help them immensely in building their confidence and overcoming challenges.

After-Action Review System

Analysing, Revising & Re-Learning

Over hundreds of agents have benefited from Lynn’s approach and training in not only achieving their sales goals but in becoming a confident individual with the right intention to help clients.

Specialised Coaching

Facilitating agents by bridging the gap between skills and application of knowledge.

Backed with 12 years experience, Lynn Gor’s unique special training sessions are conducted to refine skills & knowledge for agents to be on top in their field.

Think outside the box Approach

Lynn encourages her team to be different and think beyond boundaries, and work towards a creative and effective approach, whilst having fun at the same time.

Be it sales pitch, presentation, client negotiations or digital marketing, many techniques have its strong foundation to think out of the box.

In Lynn’s trainings, the agent not only understands the root of real estate marketing but also soft skills by keeping a positive and focused approch.

Weekly Champ’s Meet

This Weekly Champ’s Meet is a new inception to promote team bonding, cohesiveness, and sharing amongst the members of the LG Division.  During these sessions, team members will share the problems that they faced, and how they overcame them, so that the division would learn how to overcome these challenges when they face them in future.

These sessions are not restricted to a small training room, as Lynn believes in having an element of fun in learning.  That is why, sometimes, the Weekly Champ’s Meet will be held at cafes or outdoors to try good food or to celebrate a team member’s birthday.

Not just Skillset & Mindset, but the right Heartset matters.

7R Criteria Model and 7A’s that Works.

The ultimate priority of an agent is by growing their clients’ property portfolios through low risk methods.

Lynn Gor has formulated this proven unique model which helped agents close deals easily at the very start of their career. Enabling them to win multiple awards and achieve their goals in a short period.

All it takes is 4 Sessions of holistic learning from Lynn.

Find Out

Learn & Re-discover yourself.

We have an easy-to-adopt proven system for you to succeed in your real estate career.

Let us share how over a cup of tea!


Growing People
Grooming Leaders


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