Hi There! I’m Lynn

Owner Of Multiple Properties, Real Estate Veteran, With A Proven Method To Grow Your Property Assets!

Experiencing the ups and downs of the Singapore Property Market over the past 15 years, and transacting close to 900 deals.  I noticed similar patterns in properties that made profit, and properties that didn’t.

Codifying these patterns, I formulated the 7R Plus Framework as a checklist to identifying properties that will have high appreciation.

As a guinea pig, I used this 7R Plus Framework on my own property purchases, and with it, I managed to profit from the multiple properties I own.

With this powerful framework, I have helped many families grow from one to multiple property assets.  So that they can use the profits for their children’s education, go on exotic holidays, have enough rainy day funds, and even prepare for an early retirement!



It is confusing on which property to pick, especially when there are a lot of choices in the market

I understand that you may feel overwhelmed, confused and frustruated with the “unlimited” number of choices in the market.

In fact, before I entered the Real Estate industry, I was like you too.  I didn’t know how and what to choose, and I was hoping for a professional to advise me on how to select property using the right formula.

That is why, it is my mission, to empower my clients to help them fulfill their dream of making money through their property purchases.

I guide my clients to grow from one to multiple properties, using my Property Multiplier Program. In order to select the development with the highest potential of earning, we will use my 7R Plus Framework to choose.

Why I Love Transforming My Client’s Lives?


It is my life goal, and my responsibility to ensure my clients gets the best out of their property assets.


I strongly believe in paying it forward.  By helping one family at a time, I seek to create a better change for many lives.


I am able to transform my client’s beliefs about property, so that they can educate the right mindset to their next generation.

“Retire 10 years earlier, and get out of the rat race through property!

My Story

At 9, I was blessed to be influenced by my Ah Gong (grandfather) with a strong business acumen.  I remember being impressed by his huge network of businessmen, and listening to his negotiations over the phone.

We weren’t wealthy, but we didn’t have to worry about our finances.  However, things took a turn.

After starting my nursing career at 16, I found out that my family members were embroiled with huge debts with loan sharks.  In order to support their debt repayment, I had to find a better paying job, and I became a pharmaceutical sales rep.

This tribulation lasted over 22 years, and even though it was difficult, I found it to be blessing in disguise.  In this period, I was determined to upgrade myself, by attending numerous investment seminars.

During my course of work, I usually visit Mt Elizabeth, and  I would notice the rich patients who drive nice cars, and being able to afford world class treatments. I was resolved to figure out how they managed to attain such wealth.

It was on a fateful day, when chanced upon a news article featuring the 10 richest people in Singapore, and found that 8/10 had real estate businesses.

Back then, I wanted to do something in real estate, but I was afraid to take a risk to make a career switch as I was earning $5k, in the 90s, and just had my second child.


I was only at 35 years old, when I decided to persue my dream of attaining wealth, that I decided to leave my stable 9-5, 5-figure salary job, to join real estate.

Back then I had a lot of fear, as I was entering into a new field, and I had no mentor to guide me. It was a whole new world.

Over these 15 years, I have witnessed the ups and downs of the property market, and I started noticing trends in prices.  It took me a while, but I managed to codify the factors that would increase property prices.  This became the 7R Plus Framework.

With this 7R Plus Framework, many of my clients profited from their property purchases, and I managed to own multiple properties using this strategy.

Now, my mission is empower my team members with this skill and wisdom.

Looking to have a successful real estate career instead? Look no further!

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