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2 (7) Method of Real Estate Business

to double your potential and

close deals consistently.

Meet the Leader

Inspiring many other Property Agents in Singapore

With 25 years of sales experience and a degree in Marketing & Management from Bradford University, Lynn has created successful strategies during her 12 years real estate career. These strategies are easily adoptable and have proven to grant success.
Her strong business accumen, in addition to identifying and understanding clients’ needs is reflected in her 750 successful transactions, where she has witnessed 13 Government cooling measures in the Singapore Property Cycle.
She is avid in motivating agents to become successful through imparting knowledge and experience. Her guidance through the 2(7) Method of Real Estate Business has helped transform the career for many.

Offering Effective Solutions for Impressive Sales using the 2(7) Method

Through her knowledge, experience and years of research, Lynn has formulated the


Many agents have benifited through Lynn’s 7R +7A, to understand critical factors in the business that not many agents are aware of. These Golden 7 Rules & Attributes have not only helped agents to succesfully and consistently transact a sale, but helps in gaining trust from their clients, strengthening their relationship for a long term.

Apply the 7R +7A to build your strong foundation in identifying purpose, improving personality,skills & network to face the Real World of Sales.

Apply these the 7R +7A to guage your buying/selling/ renting deals to close with
remarkable sales.

Apply the 7R +7A to secure your client confidentally and help them make their profit to gain your trust.

Apply the 7R +7A to create long term relationship and to get effective referrals for building a strong eco system.

Identifying Painpoints. Helping agents to Succeed.

Lynn directs young and aspiring agents towards better business and growth in their career by understanding their painpoints and offering creative solutions to explore opportunities to succeed. By applying Lynn’s 2(7) Method to their business, agents have made a mark for themselves.

Super Platinum & Top Achievers in Lynn Gor Division

Inspiring Agents, Nurturing Leaders.

Apple Lin & Joe Ng

Super-Platinum Achievers, July 2019

Clocking in Gross Commission over $250,000 within 1 month

by applying Lynn’s 2(7) Method of Real Estate Business.

Transferring Knowledge

from 750 transaction experience

Lynn’s professionalism, grit & experience in transactions of close to 750 within 12 years has gained her an all-rounder stature.

She studies 13 cooling measures and different market cycles to identify opportunities for her agents to benefit. This journey has also helped her identify 7 Rules & 7 Attributes that help agents and clients in making profit.

Trainings & Approach

Exclusive focused training and applying the ‘7R +7A’ approach

to push agents to better performance.

On-request, focused small group trainings are conducted by Lynn herself, based on individual challenges agents face in their business.

It is a proven effective training method that addresses problems and provides immediate solution.

Lynn also trains agents on the 2(7) Method of Real Estate Business’ to help agents master the art of making profit for their clients.

She engourages her team to share information with other colleagues so that everyone can get the benefit of knowledge shared by others too. Her trainings build a positive mindset with clear set goals and her enthusiasm drives team members to raise their bar and believe that anything is possible.

7R Mastery Past Batches

Team Culture & Ethics

Driving a new generation of realtors to succeed in their real estate career professionally and personally in a family-like culture built on friendship and trust.

Lynn’s Personal Awards & Achievements

Time-Tested Consistent Top Producer

Record Breaker

Transacted 280 units in Double Bay Residences

Pushing herself to raise the bar higher, Lynn transacted over 280 units at Double Bay Residences that included buying, selling and renting.

Working across 13 storeys, 646 units in total and continuously interacting with prospective clients, Lynn displayed her dynamic, ‘anything is possible’ attitude to transact 46% of the total units.

Everyone in the team is inculcated with the right mindset, attitude and skillset which leads them to success. She believes in adding value at every given opportunity, inspiring people continuously to use their maximum potential to achieve success.

With her vast knowledge and unique skills and applying her own 7 Rules & 7 Attributes of Real Estate Business, Lynn has made close to 750 successful transactions in segments like Private Condominiums, HDB’s, Landed, Commercial factories, Offices and Shops. She has been a consistent Top Producer over the years in PropNex, the Largest Listed Real Esate Salespersons Agency in Singapore.

  • 11 years Top Producer Awards
  • January 2019 (Propnex) Super Gold Achiever
  • July 2018 (Propnex) Platinum Achiever
  • Q2 2019 Champion GPD

We have an easy-to-adopt proven system for you to succeed in your real estate career.

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